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Pigs on the Roof Expands into Brazil – Partnership Signed with Advance Consulting

Posted in Uncategorized por Dagoberto Hajjar em 4 de dezembro de 2015

Pigs on the Roof Expands into Brazil

Partnership Signed with Advance Consulting

Miami, FL – December 2, 2015

Pigs on the Roof, a provider of business and channel development services, announces that the company is partnering with Advance Consulting, a Brazil-based sales and marketing agency. As part of the agreement, Advance Consulting will serve as Pigs on the Roof’s affiliated agency serving the Brazilian market.

“It’s a real pleasure to once again be working with Dagoberto Hajjar and his fine team”, commented Carlos Blanco. “Advance Consulting was a key partner of Next Level, and I’m looking forward to building our Brazil business via our renewed collaboration.”

Prior to the sale of Next Level to United Business Media, Next Level and Advance Consulting worked on the creation and delivery of channel sales and marketing programs in Brazil. With Brazil being the largest Latin American market, Pigs on the Roof is once again teaming with Advance Marketing in order to expand its service footprint in support of the largest IT manufacturers in the world.

About Advance Consulting

Founded in 2001, Advance Consulting is a training and consulting company focused in IT business development, sales, marketing and channels. Advance Consulting is proud to be of service to some of the world’s largest IT brands in Brazil, among them: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP, SAGE, Panasonic, Sebrae and Fundação Dom Cabral. To date, over 2,500 companies have benefited from the services delivered by Advance Consulting. For more information about Advance Consulting, please visit

About Pigs on the Roof

Great business ideas are created and nurtured, not born wholly formed. Pigs on the Roof helps start-ups, small and medium business and corporations generate tangible business concepts from promising ideas in the U.S. and Latin America. Headquartered in Miami, FL, Pigs on the Roof is the place “Where ideas fly”. For more information about Pigs on the Roof and our capabilities, please visit or call 305-336-3949.

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