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Dagoberto vira colunista internacional

Posted in Uncategorized por Dagoberto Hajjar em 23 de agosto de 2013

Dagoberto Hajjar é convidado passará a escrever, mensalmente, para o Site Channel EMEA que congrega notícias sobre canal de vendas e distribuição de produtos e serviços de Tecnologia da Informação e Telecomunicações para Europa, Oriente Médio e Africa.

Dagoberto escreverá sobre o mercado Brasileiro para potenciais investidores ou empresas que estejam interessada em vir para o Brasil.

Leia o primeiro artigo publicado:

Between heaven and hell
“Brazil has always been a country of contrasts. Right now, we have on one hand challenging economic conditions and on the other, an urgent need for technological modernisation. This translates into a contrast between threats and opportunities for those selling technology and telecommunications products and services.
The Brazilian economy has grown, on average, 3.5% per annum in the past 20 years and 3.9% per annum in the past 10 years. However, 2012 has seen growth as low as 0.9% and projections of 2.0% and 1.4% for 2013 and 2014, respectively. The increase in inflation and exchange rates, combined with a rise in default rates and unemployment, has made the scenario even more serious.

In July, crowds of Brazilians, outraged by the government’s inefficiency, took to the streets to demand solutions to problems that have long plagued the country.
During these heated times, we have interviewed more than 300 owners of IT and telecom businesses to seek out their perception regarding the economy and the impact on their companies. Next, we compared the outcome with those of a similar survey conducted in April. In only two months, between one survey and the next, pessimism had engulfed the business owners.

Interviewees’ expectations with respect to IT and communications growth for 2012 fell from 10.3% in April to 3.2% in July. These business leaders quickly changed their strategies, by developing new offers and seeking new clients and markets.

Not all IT and Telecom businesses have been experiencing negative outcomes. In fact, one third of the interviewees had good or excellent results, one third had average results and one third had poor or terrible results. The crisis is causing money to change hands, placing both opportunities and threats on the table for all concerned."

Opportunity to double IT sales
"But there is the opposite side of the coin, with opportunities for businesses that sell IT products and services. Today, IT represents 2% of Brazil’s GDP, while the average for developed countries is 3.4%. We have the opportunity to double IT sales. The government continuously demands a higher and higher level of automation from companies, with digital certificates, electronic invoicing and monthly electronic upload of the company’s accounting information onto the Federal Revenue Service website. As a result, businesses selling ERP and correlating software are growing beyond the market average and, as a rule, are working at the limits of their implementation capacity.

That is exactly when the greatest opportunities arise: a giant-sized country obliged to modernise, not only to meet government requirements, but also to be competitive in an aggressive international setting. We are talking about a country with 5.5 million companies, 550 thousand of which have more than 10 employees. Add to that a population of 191 million with 26 million individual income tax statements filed online. Brazil is fourth worldwide in the number of mobile phones, surpassing 260 million telephones, with users ever more eager for the latest technology.

This is a country of contrasts, and you can choose: opportunities or threats…"

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